The Cooking Runner

The Three Amigos

on October 29, 2012

No canoeing this weekend, but we did pour a lot of concrete! We had a crew of three, I supervised of course!

 We poured two slabs for a patio out the door of the walkout basement. We watched this amazing movie called “The Magic of Belle Isle”, with Morgan Freeman. It was the sweetest movie I have seen in a while. I highly recommend it!

Yesterday, Momma S. made pumpkin bars….YUMMO!!!! This morning when I walked into the kitchen, they were on the counter and calling my name so I had one. Then decided I should prolly go on a run considering it was already 10 am…well so much for a sunrise dune run! Armed with my running buddy, Sasha and I set out… My Nike running app (Which is amazing by the  way, but that is not a screen shot from my app, I do not know how to add screen shots yet.) Rambled off my pace…I have it set to a male voice because hearing a female voice tell me “Mile 1 complete, average pace per mile is 8:38”  sounds like she is yelling at me. It is offensive. So any who I have a male voice. When he rambled off my pace I thought “Wow what is in the pumpkin bars, this is awesome!” Then I heard “Mile 2 complete” and my pace… It was fast then the first mile and I was running on the beach in squishy sand, I need the recipe for those pumpkin bars! Then I turned around to run back…”Where the hell did all this wind come from?” oh yeah it was at my back.

So mile three came and went and it was a little slower, then I got a cramp….oh a pumpkin bar before the run was not a great idea!!! I pushed on and actually the run was one of my better runs in the end.

There was a breakfast burrito and an amazing cup of coffee waiting for me when I got back from my run with Sasha. The other two puppies were happily waiting for us too. 

The dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, even though Sonny is pushing it. I wish I could take all three of them for runs on the beach!!!

Where is your favorite place to run?

What is your favorite pre-run fuel?


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