The Cooking Runner

Trick or Treat….give me a treat

on November 1, 2012

My sweet little devil dog…                      

Yep, you guessed it, I am that girl, Who dresses their animal up for Halloween!!! So I made Sasha wear a costume when we went out on our run this morning.  She was none too happy with me. She even looked annoyed in the pictures! We went over to the neighbor’s to “trick or treat”, Sasha saw Maverick the Schnauzer  and you could tell she felt stupid. Poor Sasha…

I am counting the minutes down until the first trick or treater come to the door. We have one of the best streets in the neighborhood for trick or treaters. I have 275 pieces this year, I am thinking it will last about 30 minutes… I will let you know. Last year I was out of candy in 45, but I can’t remember how much we bought. When we first moved here, I gave out the good stuff, but I have learned that why waste the money? I am that house that gives out cheap candy… well tootsie rolls. We get the kids that tell me they need an extra one for their brother at home….yeah, Ok kid, here have another Tootsie Roll! bahahahahaha, Sucker.

Ok so it was a little slow this year, it took an hour to go through the 275 pieces. When I was out of candy, I walked over to my neighbors with my little devil dog only to find out her mini border collie was a devil dog too!!! Her costume was way cuter than Sasha’s though!

Tomorrow , NOV 1 starts a new training season for me. I have so  many races planned!! It is going to be a busy year! Starting with the “Whoville 5k” in Grand Rapids on Dec. 16!!!!


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