The Cooking Runner

Score a point for my mom!

on November 4, 2012

Today was suppose to be Fartlek day…Instead I rode the bike inside because I could not get warm. It was COLD outside and I was a wimp 🙂
So since the hubs is a crazy style cyclist, we have trainers and stuff to equip your outdoor bike into a stationary bike…SCORE!! I am too cheap to buy a gym membership  and all the gyms around here are less than mediocre. Running and biking it is for me! So I had my new Food and Wine magazine and my fav holiday movie…”The Holiday” and I was set to ride indoors. I have to mention my mom today…she set a goal and she achieved it!!! She is doing the weight loss right! She sets little goals and meets the little goals. She wanted to loose 7 pounds, and she did it. Instead of saying “I want to loose 25 pounds by Christmas” that is a huge fete, but if you break it down into smaller goals you will see how easy and not overwhelming it actually is! Kinda like running a marathon. To run 26.2 miles seems too daunting, but if you train over 18 weeks, 26.2 miles is not that far away!!!  Way to go MOM!!!! My mom also signed up to do the Santa Hustle 5Kwith my dad on DEC. 1 in Chicago. You get an awesome wick-away Santa shirt and it supports an amazing cause. Another point for Mom!!!

Do you have any races planned in the near future?


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