The Cooking Runner


on November 6, 2012

I am blogging early because there has been so much that has gone on this morning already!!!! LADIES GO VOTE!!!! There have been so many that have fought for your right and you need to exercise it.  So I ran to my polling station, and when I walked in I was greet by the happiest upbeat African American woman ever( I am guessing about 60years old)… YOU GO GIRL!!! I think it is a requirement though, that if you are an official at the polling hall you have to be somber and crabby. I was standing in line and it was finally my turn to hand over my license and the guy says monotone, “Id please” when I already had it out in front of him. He scanned my ID then I started to put it in my pocket and the lady next to him raised her voice and said “oh no maam, you need that out don’t but that away.” Whoa sorry… I did my thing, put my ballot in the machine, and said have a nice day to the older woman standing next to the machine…not a smile or even a moan…all right then. So I walked past the super duper happy, awesome, African American woman and said “you need some music in here”… She said something that made my entire day… “We need some Gangnam style”  and she did part of the dance….OH.MY.GOD….you rock!  Not only was she happy, but she did the Gangnam dance…HOLLA!!!!! I so wanted to take a picture with her, but I thought I might get yelled at by the people…so no pic  😦

I then continued on with my run and was thinking about the Gazelle Girl Half marathon on April 13 in Grand Rapids. It is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX that made made discrimination between men’s and women’s educational programs illegal. Sports would not be what it is today without Title IX It is an all women’s marathon… Registration for the race opens 12/1/12. They are still finalizing some details but if you want more information check out the website. They are capping the race at 2,000 so sign up early!!!



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