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Figs, potato chip gouda, and airline wine…so long friend

on November 10, 2012

A furry friend crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday.

20121111-193453.jpg my inlaw’s dig Baxter was most 14 years old… I will miss you always Baxy.

Switching to happier times and a reason to eat cheese and drink wine ( like I need one)… Headed out west…Starbucks and Jamba Juice at O’hare!

20121111-193913.jpg I have been eye-ing these Oakley sunglasses for the last month… They have anti slip so you can wear them running… So I tried them I at the airport kiosk…. I am in love!!! And the hubs loved them!

20121111-194241.jpg (Santa make another note) So on the flight to Denver, I packed figs, dates, and potato chip Gouda. If you have a chance to try that cheese, do it!!! So when the beverage cart came around I asked for the red… Yum a cab Shiraz blend… And it was FREE!!!!

20121111-194627.jpg so I enjoyed my wine and cheese and read “The sweet life in Paris” by David Leibovitz … I recommend that too!!!

This is my first post from my phone… Hopefully this works…


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