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Girls Weekend part Deux… Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

on November 20, 2012

Leelanau Penisula was not quite what I was expecting. The views we saw were a little run down, rude people, and less than mediocre wineries. All that aside, we had to try the new winery, Blustone

Once one the property, WOW! It was gorgeous. Rolling hills with grapes vines running all over, yeah…. When we finally got up to the tasting room, I thought another big wow…

The tasting room is gorgeous. When you walk in there is a modern gas fireplace and floor to ceiling windows all over looking out over the vineyards. I was wow’d… until they handed me the tasting glass. Not only was it dirty, but it was all scratched. You would think that a brand new winery would have brand new glasses. The last wine we tried was a cherry port… then the owner whipped out the dark chocolate…(the Hallelujah chorus)

It was really good. So then we went to L. Mawby…ehhh I perfer drinking their wines at the Signature Room in the John Hancock building as opposed to their tasting room (nothing to get excited about). I know their sparkling wine is good though. So after a mediocre let down on Leelanua, we serveyed our wine stash…and figured it was time to eat. We at North Peak, super yummy!!! We did some shopping downtown Traverse City, and then checked into out hotel room. We couldnt decide where we wanted to go for dinner. We were all that hungry and we noticed a Fro-yo shop when we were walking…SugarKissed

It is so bright and cheery in there…and the yogurt was AMAZING!!!! Way to go girls!!!


So after a fun filled day we hit the hay. The following day we did ore shopping and headed home…What a fabulous girls weekend!!!





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