The Cooking Runner

A sicky on a treadmill

on November 22, 2012

Some how I got sick… not sure how… considering I have been on 4 airplanes, around numerous kiddos, sleeping less than 7 hours a night, and dealing with the normal everyday holiday stress… I have no clue how I got sick. So to the treadmill it is. I can’t run outside with a cold, the cold air kills me, yes I am a wimp. I usually watch the ABC player on my iphone when I use the treadmill. It could not connect to the server. By default I had to listen to music… then this  happened…I have to entertain myself somehow! Then I looked behind me at my poor running buddies, who in the end are so depressed and rejected they don’t know what to do with themselves…oh wait they are enjoying every minute of their nap…

Gobble till you Wobble!!!!



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