The Cooking Runner

Lost fawns, enchiladas, and left overs

on November 27, 2012

What a holiday!!!! Besides being the sicky on the treadmill, the stomach flu made its appearance. Yay! Super awesome!!! I am starting to feel better, thank goodness!!! So before my illnesses, I went hunting with the hubs. Of course there is a hilarious story that goes along with that!!!

First time out…There we are sitting in the condo, three deer walk into the shooting lanes… I think “ok there are 3 of them, which one is the biggest?” Adam says “OK here comes a mom and her twins” GREAT JUST GREAT, CAN”T SHOOT NOW! The deer wander away….

Adam: Why didn’t you shoot?

Me: I was fine until you said “a mom and her twins” I see two babies lost in the woods in the dead of winter without a mom, starving and can’t find food.

Adam: That’s great, well, I see meatloaf, enchiladas, and burgers…shoot next time.

Second time out… A buck walks into the shooting lane. Adam has been watching it and he tells me to raise my gun. I line up the iron sight with the shoulder and pull the trigger… Yep closed my eyes. The buck just stands there. WTH? So I rack another in the chamber and line it up again. My heart is racing, I am shaking and I can’t focus. Apparently I have “buck fever” I pull the trigger again. The stupid deer just stands there and looks around. Adam hands me his rifle, tells me how to sight in the deer in the scope, I do this, and I started thinking “this buck is standing out there after two shots, looking at me and saying, this lady couldn’t hit the side of a barn…hahaha….” I pulled the trigger and after a second the buck took off. I started balling. uncontrollably balling.

Adam (while he is laughing) “Why are you crying?”

Me: “I think I killed something.” still balling uncontrollably…..

So needless to say, no blood spatter, no deer, no shot.  We did find one of the bullets in the tree that was behind the deer. At least I hot something! Maybe I am not cut out to be a hunter…. There is always next year!

Are you sick of Turkey yet? Well here is another recipe for leftover turkey!!!

2 garlic cloves

1/2 medium onion

1/2 pound mini bella mushrooms

olive oil

shredded turkey

truffle salt

Sautee garlic and onion in olive oil until transluscent

Add mushrooms and sautee until the mushrooms are tender

Add the shredded Turkey, pepper, and truffle salt to taste. 

I added it to a bed of mixed baby romaine and sprinkled it with a little Parmesan cheese.

For dessert, I have my favorite chocolate bar… Holy Yum BATMAN!!!!


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