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on December 5, 2012

The past two days have been awesome running days. I felt like I could run forever. I love runner’s high days! So due to the extrememly awesome highs… I got al excited about the races that are in my future…. Whoville 5K, December 16 (this race is SOLDOUT!!!!  HOLLA!) The Gazelle Girl half marathon in April…( Come on all you women out there…celebrate with other women athletes!  GIRLS ROCK!) How can you not get excited about this race, just look at the web page. Who ever designed it is awesome. The New York Marathon… no explanation needed! There are so more races I am thinking about. I will keep you posted!

Who watched the Vicki’s fashion show last night?!!! yeah I fell asleep… but I looked at the pictures on-line…I want to wear the multi million dollar fantasy bra!!! except I don’t really look like that girl

picture courtesy of CBS News...

picture courtesy of CBS News…

…actually I fell asleep on purpose because Justin Beiber singing…yep can’t do it. You think they could have found someone much better.

Speaking of Christmas… I am almost done with my Christmas shopping…two people left!!! Then it is time for Christmas cookies! Since I own a baking business as a side job… cookies are a big deal!

Last year's cookies


download 12-8 107




I will be posting this year’s cookies soon!


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