The Cooking Runner

Let’s get this party started!

on December 8, 2012

Hello weekend…so happy to see you!!!

What a fabulous day!!!!    dogs walked…check!        laundry…check!    Christmas deco organized…check!   pantry…a half check!   Manicure for the busy weekend…check!   Workout…check!

Whew… What a day!!!

So while Sasha and I were on a walk, we came across these joyous carolers, they are made out of wood and don’t move or make sounds…I thought Sasha was going to have a heart attack. She went into attack mode!!! I laughed…really hard…IMG_0333[1]

I had to take Sonny to the vet for his vaccines. I have never seen a dog so excited to ride in the truck…IMG_0335[1] IMG_0337[1] Because I had faith that he would be a good boy, we stopped at our favorite place for a peanut butter shake, chocolate milk, egg nog, and cheese…yes it is a dairy…IMG_0339[1]

They make the BEST peanut butter shake on earth. So I drank the first half and Sonny got the second halfIMG_0340[1] IMG_0344[1]

So I am thinking about a juice detox… This awesome girl just finished it. Downfall is I have to make the juice myself since I don’t live in Chicago and juice rx only delivers local…Do I want to go through all that work? Is it going to be worth it? Is this a good way to kick start my official half marathon training that starts Monday? (18 weeks until Gazelle Girl Half) I want to run a sub 2… hmmm I will take the weekend to decide…



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