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We wish you a very snowy, greenwell-y, kind of Christmas, JT

on December 9, 2012

It finally snowed!!! I live in Michigan because I.LOVE.SNOW. We had zero…we finally got some!!! IMG_0348[1] I have never seen so many happy runners before out on a run at 8am on a Saturday morning! We met up with our Friends E&K later in the day and the boys went biking and the girls went shopping (to Target and Starbucks, of course)IMG_0349[1] Fatty McFatterson Peppermint Mint Mochas all around!

 Then we all headed over to the Green Well in Grand Rapids. Our server looked like Justin Timberlake. Holy Good Food BATMAN! IMG_0358[1] IMG_0360[1] The wine and beer were really good too! We had never been to the Green Well before. Well, E&K had but ATS and I hadn’t. Their beer list is out the door, their wine list is not too shabby either. So after two rounds for the whole table, mac and cheese, calamari and two different kinds of polenta, this fat, happy, slightly tipsy group of four, went and saw Bond on the IMAX.IMG_0359[1]

I thought I was going to get sick in the beginning! It was pretty awesome though!!! To top off the night, we shared a bucket, (do you have any idea how big a bucket of popcorn is?) between the 4 of us…yep it was GONE.

K- no more buckets of popcorn or our ski pants really are not going to fit us! But just in case they don’t I found these awesome ones.. The come in Black too!

via Athleta

via Athleta

via Athleta

via Athleta


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