The Cooking Runner


on December 11, 2012

Juicing day 1… Well the morning was great, I made and drank a juice every two hours until 2pm. I thought for sure, it would not be a big deal if I did not drink another for the next 4 hours. Well, I was very wrong. About 4 pm, I started to feel really light headed, but I was not hungry. Since I was not at home, I had to eat something. I felt amazing until I missed by 4pm juice. Major problem with home juicing…SO TIME CONSUMING. You need to have 3 days off at home so you have time to make the juices or make them all in the morning. So I will try this again after the holidays when I can stay home all day! I did take juices to work to hold me over though!

On the positive side, most of the juices I made were AMAZING!  *Note: I have combined many recipes from many different sources*

Cranberry mixer:

1 1/2 c Cranberry, 1 Orange,2 handfuls Carrot, Beet, Cinnamon- This was ok I am not a huge beet person and I could have done without the beet but still pretty good.




Apple Lunch

1granny smith apple, 1 large cucumber,  about an inch of fresh ginger- This was my favorite. I also put ice in a blender and mixed it to make a slushy, very yummy!IMG_0377[1]

Those were the two juices that I would make again. I will be trying a juice detox again…after the busy holidays!!! It may be a good way to start the New Year!!!

I had my annual cookie day with my awesome neighbor… I am not sure what to call the cookies we make… The greatest Christmas cookies…EVER.IMG_0380[1]


We finally decorated our tree last night!!!IMG_0371[1]

ATS came home super late from work last night, had something to eat, then said “Ok lets decorate the tree”  ummm OK! IMG_0375[1]

The dogs love the tree too!!!


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