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It’s Yoga time…

on January 5, 2013

Yesterday my SIL and I hung out. We were going to Traverse City but with 25 mph winds…not happening. What sounds better? A warm yoga studio and some Yoga! So we tried out a studio in town. It has been there for a couple years, I just have never gone, because I go to Expressions of Grace (EOG) in Grand Rapids….LOVE THE STUDIO, LOVE MIMI!!! We could not make it to Grand Rapids in time to start the 9:15 class, we went to the 9am class local. Muskegon Yoga is impressive.

Muskegon Yoga:


Drop-In: $15

Mat Rental:$2

Length of class: 75 Min

Atmosphere 1-10: 10


you can hear the traffic outside during Savasana.

Pay to use mats.


We did a morning class and the sun was shining on you while you were practicing. HUGE DEAL. (I live on the west side of Michigan, the sun NEVER shines in the winter here. So when it does come out, it is very exciting!) The studio itself is really awesome. Woodwork around the windows, high cielings…

We were given a piece of dark chocolate at the end of class!!!

In the summer, M. Yoga has yoga on the beach!!!

***Right now Muskegon Yoga has a special going on for new students… $39 for 30 days, unlimited classes. Amazing deal!!! Check it out!!!!***

Expressions of Grace


Drop-In: $15

Mat Rental: Free

Length of class: 75 Min

Atmosphere 1-10: 10


EOG ‘s classes tend to get very full. You need to get there early to get the mat spot you want.


I have never taken a morning class here only evening classes. The studio looks out over a lake and you get the most amazing sunsets. It is incredibly calming.

During Savasana, they play very calming music. It helps me relax quicker and slip into a deeper relaxed state. But the music also drowns out all other noises.

Winter class schedule starts Jan 7th.

I could not pick one over the other. They both are fabulous studios with fabulous teachers. If I could swing it with my schedule, I would go to Muskegon Yoga in the Mornings and Expressions of Grace in the evenings! If you live in the area I recommend both!!! If you don’t live in the area, I recommend Yoga!! It is such an essential part of my workout routine.

* I took these yoga classes on my own decision and without compensations from either studio.  All the opinions about Expressions of Grace and Muskegon Yoga  are 100% my own

One response to “It’s Yoga time…

  1. Kelly says:

    It was a pleasure having you in class! Thank you for the feedback.

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