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The best “sickie” drink ever

on January 18, 2013

Miles run this month: 35.8 miles

Miles left to reach 2013 goal: 1977.2 miles

Did a couple days of biking because I am a wimp and it is really cold outside. The puppies were suffering from two days of no walks so I did run outside eventually!

I am not sick…yet. But I know a lot of people are.

I was reading the Feb issue of InStyle…blog…and came across a little blurp on “Juicing’s hot new trend” New york’s Juice Generation came up with a flu concoction that sounds amazing. So I tried it out… WOW!!! It is something that I may make every morning!IMG_6360

The Cold Warrior– Juice Generation–New York City

1 mug of green tea, the juice of 1 orange, a 1 inch piece of ginger- grated, a drop of each echinacea, vitamin C and zinc. I used a mineolla instead of an orange, because they are in season and they are amazing. I also nixed the echinacea, vit C and zinc (I didn’t have them in the cupboard)

I can totally see how this juice beverage is even more amazing when you are sick!

You know what else could possibly cure the cold??!!! A birthday celebration mexican style!!! YUMMO!!!!IMG_0580[1]

Happy Birthday K!!!!

I am off to the Secretary of State…just where I want to be on my day off!!!


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