The Cooking Runner

Date night and a bottle of wine…and some skiing too

on January 22, 2013

Miles run this month: 43.6miles

Miles left to reach 2013 goal: 1969.4 miles

What a weekend!!! We went out on Saturday night to Leo’s in Grand Rapids. Wow!!! You walk in and they take your coat, show you to your table, and immediate attentiveness begins. Our waitress came to the table and greeted us, we were served water, and someone (management?) came to the table and asked us how we were doing. We could not decide on wine, so we ordered Escargot to begin… YUM!!! So just as we decided what we were going to have to drink, our waitress came to the table with a bottle of wine “from Leo”. It was AMAZING!!!! 2009 Paraduxx Z-blend. Our dinners and dessert were even more amazing. The BEST part of the meal? It is a tie between the rolls and the drawn butter for the lobster. The rolls were heavy, dense herbed yeast rolls. The butter, I do not even know what was in it. It was the purest form of butter. You can buy amazing butter from The Cheese Lady, I wonder if it is the same stuff…. Anyways back to Leo’s… It was nothing short of AMAZING all the way around. If you want a good seafood resturant…GO!!!!! Sorry no pictures!

Then we went skiing….IMG_0616[1]

We went to Crystal Mountain, and it was cold. We wanted to get out before we went skiing out west. I know I know, Michigan skiing is not the same, you spend more time on the lift than you do skiing down the hill, but it was fully worth it! I brought my snowshoes and ran on the golf course… just barely enough snow. I wanted to try running 5k because I am doing a 5k snowshoe race out west… Fully aware the elevation difference and the snow depth difference, but I am going to do it. IMG_0620[1]

It is a bike day today, 1* outside, running is not happening today!


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