The Cooking Runner

Running to the ball…

on February 10, 2013

Miles run this month: 10.8miles

Miles left to reach 2013 goal: 1954.9 miles

Well, since the weather has been somewhat crappy, I am not able to run outside. I have to ride my bike on my trainer. Which I love, but it is not subtracting miles from my goal!!! I will be making up for it when the weather breaks! I braved the temps and this is what running in 16* weather looks like…IMG_0770[1]

Only did 4 miles. My lungs were really hurting from the day before. I shoveled and ran outside. So I decided that 4 was better than none so I was happy with that.

We had the Military ball this weekend. ATS had been gone on military orders and I had to pick him up from the airport at 5, the ball started at 530 and we made it there by 6…

Stylin in the cell phone lot

Stylin in the cell phone lot

It was at the Amway Grand, ooh la la!!! It was very nice. The food was amazing, and the wine was even better. When I got home, I realized that I did not take very many pictures… so you are blessed with this one… I love a guy in uniform.


Hope you all had a great weekend!



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