The Cooking Runner

Onward and Upward

on February 26, 2013

Miles run this month: 39.8 miles

Miles left to reach 2013 goal: 1925.6 miles

Slowly but surely I am logging the miles!!! If only it would stop snowing!!

Let the craziness begin!!! Bigger and Better adventures are ahead for sure!!! The Hubs got a promotion, so we are on the move. Eastern Michigan here we come! Not sure where we are moving to exactly, but this weekend I am sure we will figure it out!!!


The girls at my office sure know how to make a girl feel loved!! I will miss you gals!!!

I am a firm believer that moving and job searching gets more stressful the older you get!! Thank goodness for running! Which I am very excited for this weekend… 7-8 miles in a brand new neighborhood… this run will be a breeze!!! I love running in a new place. It gets rid of the monotony of the same routes every week.

So in celebration to new beginnings, I ordered refills for my planner. Yes I am old school, I have a paper planner. My sister ordered this awesome life planner from Erin Condren, (which I am so envious over)  but since I already had a planner I thought I better take the cheapo route and order refills. Let me recommend something that my mom taught me… When you order something and they offer free gift wrap…DO IT! Even though it is for you, it makes you feel so good to open a package that looks like this!!!!

IMG_0822[1] I got all excited and I only ordered a planner refill! So with my new planner in hand and my little piece of motivation…IMG_0825[1]

The hubs and I embark on our new adventure together!



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