The Cooking Runner

Some things I learned while on the east side of the state…

on March 13, 2013

Miles run this month: 24.3 miles

Miles left to reach 2013 goal: 1901.3 miles


1. I am an official foodie. When I go to a new area, I don’t go to the mall. I get my kicks from all the amazing food stores!  I went to my favorite Trader Joe’s and a new place called Plum Market (similar to Whole Foods, but half the price).


2. You can sear Ahi Tuna on a hot river rock at our table. Some of the best damn tuna I have ever had! We went to Melange…Very sexy place! We had an adventure finding it, that is for sure!



3. I learned the pork I eat is apparently not as fresh as the stuff at The Eastern Market… Oinking on Thursday, Hangs on Friday, Sold on Saturday.



4. When you order vegetables and hummus from the best middle eastern restaurant in Detroit, Beirut , and it costs $10, it is not the reason that you are in the city that makes it so expensive. You actually get $10 worth of veggies and hummus…side note: do not order a chicken shwarma sandwich  a Lamb Kafta sandwich, and an order of grape leaves on top of the veggies with hummus just for two people…holy food  Batman!



5. Wine tastes just as good in plastic hotel cups as it does in fancy crystal.



6. Finally, Something I knew all along, but was reminded of it that weekend…  What great amazing friends we have. We attended a Bar Mitvah of a friend’s son. All the men, no matter what religious preference, had to wear a kippa.  It was so refreshing to have some culture and diversity. The hubs has known his BFF’s since childhood… It was kinda like our wedding party revisited. Amazing food, great friends, and a lot of Mazel Tov!

IMG_0875[1] IMG_0876[1]





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