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Beginning running… rest days and a little humor

on March 19, 2013



I took an easy day yesterday because I did a long run Saturday then did Vinyasa (Flow) yoga on Sunday. I have only done Anusara yoga before. What’s the dofference? Super sore muscles!!! Vinyasa Yoga takes the yoga moves done in Anusara and connects them together in a flow motion and it makes  moves similar to a dance. I actually broke a sweat. I took the class at this place…IMG_0945[1]Did you know they offer FREE yoga classes on the weekends? Check out their website for the yoga schedule at various stores. I would totally take Vinyasa yoga again. However, anytime Mimi Ray from Expressions of Grace is teaching at the Grand Rapids Lululemon, I will be at that class. She teaches Anusara and she is awesome at it!

Ok on to training…

Deciding on a training plan is really your own personal preference. If you are new to running or any workout plan, you need to check with your doctor to be sure that you are healthy enough to start the program.

I use Hal Higdon’s plans.

I have used his marathon novice I and II programs. This time around I am running 3 halfs and then a full. So I am combining the marathon and half marathon training guides. But most importantly, I am listening to my body. During my weekly runs, I take it easy and if I only run 3 miles, that is all I do. My long runs on the weekend is the complete opposite. I stick to the training on the long runs. The longer runs are the most important. They mentally and physically train you for the marathon or half marathon.

A great place for a new runner to start is They have so much information on training for newbees and explaining what a Fartlek is, and what a tempo run is, the importance of stretching and wieght training and cross training… and the list goes on and on.

I leave you with this…

10 Reasons we are marathon runners…

1. The race t-shirts

2. We can say fartlek without laughing, sometimes.

3. It is so much cheaper than going to a therapist.


5. Getting a run in before happy hour means you get tipsy on half a glass of wine instead of your usual two. That’s not being a lush, that’s just sound economic planning!

6. There is no judging when talking about chaffing, everybody’s doin’ it.

7. There’s an entire industry committed to making us look awesomely hot while getting our sweat on.

8. We have friends wherever we go, runners are the friendliest and most encouraging people anywhere.

9. You don’t need a pedicure if you don’t have toenails… more sound economic planning!

10. We are not crazy, we are freaking AWESOME.


*I am not a running sales person, nor am I sponsored by any of the companies listed above. I am also not a medical professional . All information provided is from my own personal experiences and is my own opinion. 


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