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Chocolate, cupcakes, Rachmaninoff and a move

on March 29, 2013



You’d think it was Christmas at my house, oh wait… It is Easter! Gotta love my mom, who loves Vosges ( I am in love with them too, btw) Our awesome UPS driver knows about them too!!! Every time I get a box from Vosges, he waits for me to answer the door instead of leaving it at my door. “These are too good to leave out here!” umm you got that right Mr. UPS man!


What is inside???!!!


These little amazing chocolate bunnies filled with hazelnuts and pistachios. The hazelnut ones have a little crunch to them. The pistachios ones have a soft filling. The chocolate on the outside of both is just divine. If you do not know about Vosges Chocolates, I suggest you check them out, You can read about them here. They have a website to purchase products , as well as boutique stores. They also sell the bars in a lot of little specialty stores.  It is a Chicago based company, staying true to my roots, owned by a girl name Katrina.


Not my photo, I wish it was though. That would mean I would be eating this right now!

By far, my two favs from Vosges are the Peanut Butter Bon Bon Bar and Bapchi’s Caramel Toffee. I hide the peanut butter bar in the freezer. 1) it is out of sight and I may or may not (it has happened before) eat the whole thing in a day… 2) It makes a really yummy frozen treat…3) The favorite man in my life loves peanut butter and chocolate too.  

I went to a lecture on Rachmaninoff at the White Lake Art Council. SO GOOD!!! We listened to music, drank wine, ate cupcakes (which I made), and learned all about Rachmaninoff.


Starting this weekend, I am moving my blog over to Google. I will have the link posted when the move is official!!!


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