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Finally some sun!



I did my long run on Friday because I knew I had a busy weekend ahead of me. I am so glad I did. The sun was out, the wind was calm, and I rocked that 10.51 miles. I added an extra .51 miles for shits and giggles. We have a lot of wildlife in my neighborhood… deer, wild turkeys, geese, ducks… I am a city girl so when you see wildlife, I kinda get excited.


I came across these tom turkeys getting their  strut on for a good lookin female and thought “blog material” . Yeah, so next time I think “oh blog material”, I will make sure I will not be taking pictures of wild turkeys. They were not thrilled to be bothered while they were trying to get it on. They chased me. Ok I admit, I would not want to be bothered when I am getting my strut on either.

I had a fun filled day of shopping and girl time, thrift-ing, a little Lulu, and a lot of Froyo.  We ate lunch at The Real Food Cafe. Oh my, so good!!! We came across Rosa’s Closet , in Gas Light Village. It is an upscale resale boutique. Wow, it is pretty awesome. They have 7 for all mankind, Joe’s jeans, Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke… the list goes on and on. The sales person working was so so nice. Go check it out!   While I was at the airport, I walked into the bathroom only to be greeted by the most amazing display of awesomeness… totally made my day…


Who ever you are that did this… YOU ROCK!

After picking the hubs up at the airport, we went for sushi. We ended up at Ju Sushi Lounge.


The Ju Island… super sweet, but really tropical and much needed! We ordered three different rolls. The most impressive was the Flaming Mountain. Yes, it was flaming… it was on fire and spicy hot. I never had flaming sushi before. I was so enamored with the fire, I forgot to take a picture. Oh my gosh it tasted amazing. We also ordered the Red Dragon Roll (also spicy), and the Dynamite Roll. For dessert we had Mochie Ball ice cream. also so good.


Sheesh, what a weekend!

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Beginning running…Shoes

Miles run this month: 32.4 miles

Miles left to reach 2013 goal: 1893.2 miles

A good friend of mine asked me how she should go about starting to run, I have also gotten questions before about which training programs I use as well …Well….

I have been running since I was in high school. My dad is a runner and so is my sister. My dad is the first person that told me the general basics of finding a shoe that works for you.

I went to Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids. (love that place) They are runners, they know what they are talking about when it comes to what kind of shoes and gear you need. If you live in the area, I highly recommend them!!!

There is a lot more that goes into buying a running shoe than picking out cool colors (boo…sad face). You need to answer these questions:

*Shoe fitting professionals can help you answer these questions!

1. Are you a road runner or a trail runner?

2. What is your shoe size? I am a 7.5 but I buy an 8. The extra space saves my toenails and also allows for foot swelling when I run.

3. Are you flat footed, or do you have a high arch?

4. What is your stride?

When you go shopping for shoes, go to a store that knows running. You can take a pair of older shoes in with you. The wear on the soles can provide the shoe person information on your stride.

Check out this web page for an in depth description of shoes… Expert Advice for Running Shoes

The big problem I have is a super narrow heel and a wide foot. No matter which shoe I pick my heel ALWAYS slips. If your heel slips try lacing your shoes like this…


Super nosey Schnookies

Super nosey Schnookies

Once you have found the shoe that works for you, you can almost always find it at running warehouse for on average $30 cheaper. I also wear Superfeet insoles in my running shoes. I use these:


I have osteoarthritis in my hips. These insoles are a life saver. Without them, I have extreme hip and knee pain as well as back pain over 8-9 miles. When I run with them, I can go for a full marathon pain free. They are $$$$ but worth every single penny.

To save money on your running stuff, check out  my little running shoe/apparel secret… Everything on the site is SUPER CHEAP.

*I am not a running sales person, nor am I sponsored by any of the companies listed above. I am also not a medical professional . All information provided is from my own personal experiences and is my own opinion. 

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It’s Yoga time…

Yesterday my SIL and I hung out. We were going to Traverse City but with 25 mph winds…not happening. What sounds better? A warm yoga studio and some Yoga! So we tried out a studio in town. It has been there for a couple years, I just have never gone, because I go to Expressions of Grace (EOG) in Grand Rapids….LOVE THE STUDIO, LOVE MIMI!!! We could not make it to Grand Rapids in time to start the 9:15 class, we went to the 9am class local. Muskegon Yoga is impressive.

Muskegon Yoga:


Drop-In: $15

Mat Rental:$2

Length of class: 75 Min

Atmosphere 1-10: 10


you can hear the traffic outside during Savasana.

Pay to use mats.


We did a morning class and the sun was shining on you while you were practicing. HUGE DEAL. (I live on the west side of Michigan, the sun NEVER shines in the winter here. So when it does come out, it is very exciting!) The studio itself is really awesome. Woodwork around the windows, high cielings…

We were given a piece of dark chocolate at the end of class!!!

In the summer, M. Yoga has yoga on the beach!!!

***Right now Muskegon Yoga has a special going on for new students… $39 for 30 days, unlimited classes. Amazing deal!!! Check it out!!!!***

Expressions of Grace


Drop-In: $15

Mat Rental: Free

Length of class: 75 Min

Atmosphere 1-10: 10


EOG ‘s classes tend to get very full. You need to get there early to get the mat spot you want.


I have never taken a morning class here only evening classes. The studio looks out over a lake and you get the most amazing sunsets. It is incredibly calming.

During Savasana, they play very calming music. It helps me relax quicker and slip into a deeper relaxed state. But the music also drowns out all other noises.

Winter class schedule starts Jan 7th.

I could not pick one over the other. They both are fabulous studios with fabulous teachers. If I could swing it with my schedule, I would go to Muskegon Yoga in the Mornings and Expressions of Grace in the evenings! If you live in the area I recommend both!!! If you don’t live in the area, I recommend Yoga!! It is such an essential part of my workout routine.

* I took these yoga classes on my own decision and without compensations from either studio.  All the opinions about Expressions of Grace and Muskegon Yoga  are 100% my own
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On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

4 calling birds, 3 french hens two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree… Or I could just give you a recap of one fun as hell races I ran this weekend!!!


via whoville Facebook page

It was a 5k fun run, it was not timed. The race supported a great cause, Wounded Warrior, and the shirts were long sleeve Patagonia tech t-shirts…AMAZING!!!!!  My new race running buddy (she just doesn’t know it yet) ran with me for the first time!!! K- I am compiling a list of 5k’s…

27888_3450570842544_1031094536_n32365_4958421959836_363621966_nApparently I need to soak my vest in some Bright White, it is lookin a little dingy next to good ole’Santa!

Oh Yeah…Can’t forget Whoville Gangnam style!!!!


taken by Rudy Malmquist of Mindutopia

Once again not my picture, but check out the video! and check out more pictures from the race here!

Packet pickup was so convenient. Parking was a breeze. Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate. Lots and Lots of Christmas goodies…

These people need to write a manual about putting on a race. There were a lot of people running and you would have never known it. It was FANTASTIC…way to go WHOVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Alternative Fuel Parking Only

What better way to start a very early day by drinking this…., Then going here…, Then buying these  and then finding this post on Pinterest… (ignore the profanity please)…While sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car, I thought Starbucks, Target, shoes, and a man that wines and dines me….DAMN I am one lucky woman!

I had lunch with the lucky man in my life . I went to Marie Catrib’s in Grand Rapids. I ordered out and had to pick it up, WOW what a busy place on a Friday at noon! Who woulda thunk it?!  Best part of that whole experience… being able to drive past everyone waiting in line for a parking spot, only to be able to pull into the spot marked “Alternative Fuel Car Parking Only”…BOOM!!!!! Score 1 point Marie Catribe’s for having such awesome parking. So I waited for what seemed like an eternity until Marie came around with a plate of cookies….Chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter Gluten Free heaven!!! Score 2 for Marie Catrib’s! So finally my two Shwarma gyros were ready but only when I had to ask the girl… “Um does that say Trina?”  Girl: “Yeah”  “I am Trina” Girl: “Oh right did you pay?”  Thought in my head “UM can’t you see the word that says P-A-I-D?” but actually said “yeah here is my receipt”  So after I left slightly down I remembered I still had a little bit of the cookie left… I held strong and saved it for the Lucky Man I was having lunch with.

The food was so so. There was a little meat and a lot of bread. I was slightly unsatisfied when Adam and I were done having lunch. Opinion? I would not avoid this place by any means. Marie is so sweet. I just would not go out of my way to go here.

I picked up my super awesome military wife friend Sara…and we hit the town like two wild women! We went shopping at Blue Boutique (awesome designer stuff for super cheap!!! , talked, got coffee (at Starbucks, yeah I love Starbucks… Christmas is coming you know…), talked, and walked a little, and talked some more about stuff  “only a military wife would understand”

So the hubs and I decided we are going canoeing tomorrow…high of 50* so I figured I needed to bundle up. I tried on hats and got a lot of laughs from the hubs….

It was pretty funny I laughed at myself. I could not decide which hat so it will be a last minute decision. I do have to say though, I have a sneaky suspicion that the last hat might make an appearance on a ski trip in the near future!!!!

Do you have items, places that make your day great?

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